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My name is Kiril Donov. I am in love with palms since I was a little boy. For more than 30 years I grow palms and other exotic plants. Following my hobby I graduated at the Agricultural university in Plovdiv - Tropical and subtropical agriculture. It was very useful for my plants because after studying my experiments got a scientifc approach.

In 1998 the world learned that there are very cold hardy Trachycarpus palms that grow in Bulgaria, where they are not supposed to grow. In the years following many seeds and plants were sent all over the world. Most people found our palms to be more cold resistant, but there are some who think they are nothing special.

During the last decade there were several very cold winters in Bulgaria, allowing us to compare the local polar palms with the imported palms of the genus Trachycarpus.

Now you can learn why the local Bulgarian palms are diferent, compared to the same palms, imported from abroad. Is there any difference in the cold hardiness of them all? You will learn details about the climate of Bulgaria and Plovdiv. By comparing these details with the ones for your place you will determine if palms will grow in your garden.


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